Joyas del futuro: las innovaciones en joyería del año 2023 que han revolucionado el mercado

Jewelry of the future: the jewelry innovations of 2023 that have revolutionized the market

Avant-garde and original design

The innovations in jewelry of the year 2023 have been revolutionary in terms of design, materials and technology. The design has undergone a significant change, leaving conventional forms behind to delve into the unusual and the abstract. Interesting angles and unique combinations of materials have been the protagonists in the most notable collections. This is how geometric and abstract jewelry has left its mark in the world of jewelry, providing an avant-garde and contemporary touch to any look.

Among the most notable collections that have burst onto the market is the French jewelry brand Maria Lichtenberg , whose collection inspired by Venetian bollards combines geometric shapes with vibrant colors. Likewise, the American brand Lisa Nik has created a collection of jewelry with diamonds and rubellites inspired by African culture.

Sustainability and environmental awareness

Sustainability has become important in the jewelry industry, and this is reflected in the increased use of sustainable materials such as recycled gold and lab-grown gemstones. Environmental awareness has led jewelers to rethink their production processes and opt for more environmentally friendly alternatives. In this sense, brands such as Nomis and Eco-Revolte have been pioneers in the use of ethical and sustainable materials in their collections.

In the sustainability space, Danish brand Nomis has launched a collection using lab-grown diamonds, and brand Eco-Revolte uses recycled gold and ethically sourced gemstones in all its collections.

Technology and interactivity

On the other hand, technology has come to revolutionize the world of jewelry. 3D printing is being used to create personalized, one-of-a-kind jewelry, while augmented reality is creating new shopping experiences and interactivity for customers. Some brands such as B8ta and Gemdrops have used the technology to create interactive, personalized jewelry, using sensors that change color or shape in response to environmental conditions.

Finally, French brand Lydia Courteille has introduced a collection of rings with augmented reality technology that allows customers to scan a chip and see a 3D animation of the gemstone.


In summary, the jewelry innovations of 2023 have been a resounding success in terms of design, sustainability and technology. It is expected that these trends will continue to be appreciated by consumers in the coming years, and brands will continue to innovate to meet their needs and preferences.

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