Cuidado y mantenimiento de la bisutería

Care and maintenance of jewelry

Introduction to the care and maintenance of jewelry

Jewelry is one of the most affordable and popular alternatives to add a touch of style and elegance to any outfit. However, due to its nature, costume jewelry requires proper care and maintenance to ensure that it lasts a long time. In this article, we will talk about the importance of caring for and maintaining your jewelry, factors that can damage it, and tips for cleaning and storing it properly.

Costume jewelry is an affordable and easy way to add a touch of style to any outfit, but its low cost compared to fine jewelry pieces means it requires more care and maintenance. Therefore, it is important to take proper care of it to ensure that it lasts a long time.

There are many factors that can damage jewelry, these may include:

  • Water: Most jewelry should not be wet, as water can damage metals and decorations. Additionally, some types of jewelry may fade or discolor upon contact with water.
  • Chemicals: Jewelry can be damaged by coming into contact with corrosive chemicals, such as household cleaners, perfumes, and hair products.
  • Daily Wear: As with any piece of jewelry, constant daily wear can lead to the accumulation of dirt and stains.

General recommendations

To ensure that your jewelry lasts a long time, it is important to clean and store it properly. Below are some general tips for caring for your jewelry:

1) Daily care

Your jewelry is an investment that deserves to be treated with care. Daily care of your jewelry can help prevent problems and keep your pieces in good condition. Here are some tips for cleaning and wearing your jewelry daily:

  • Before its use
    1. To keep it looking beautiful for longer, avoid wearing it in situations that may damage it. For example, take it off before doing physical activities, such as exercising outdoors or in the pool. Sweat, chlorine, and other chemicals can damage parts.
    2. It is also important to apply your perfume or creams before putting on your jewelry. Let the substances absorb into the skin before putting on the garment. Perfume, in particular, can damage metal or gemstone pieces.
  • Cleaning helps keep jewelry in good condition
    1. After use, it is advisable to clean it with a soft, dry cloth to remove any dirt or residue. In case of stains or dirt accumulation, it is advisable to clean it with a mild soap and water solution.
    2. Also, in case your metal accessory has lost its shine, you can make it regain its shine and remove the dirt with a baking soda solution. For it:
      • Heat some water until it starts to boil and add the garment and baking soda. Let it sit for five (5) minutes and then scrub with the brush to complete the cleaning.
      • Use a soft bristle brush to scrub the garment.
      • Rinse with clean water
      • Dry immediately with an absorbent towel or, better yet, apply hot air with an air diffuser, such as a hair dryer.

2) Storage

Proper storage of jewelry helps prevent scratches and tangles. Be sure to store your jewelry separately, if possible, storing the pieces in bags or small boxes to avoid friction and ensure it doesn't get scratched, damaged or tangled.

  • Storage boxes

    It is important to use a good quality storage box to store your jewelry collection. The box should have soft padding to avoid scratches, and different compartments for correct separation of pieces.

    • Dustproof bags for travel

      If you travel with your jewelry, be sure to store it in a dust-proof bag or specialized storage box. This will help protect them on the trip and allow you to have them on hand when you arrive at your destination.


      1. How long does jewelry last?
      • The duration of the jewelry depends on the care and maintenance given to it. With proper care, jewelry can last for many years.
      1. How do I clean jewelry if it has stains or dirt buildup?
      • It is advisable to clean it with a mild soap and water solution. For stubborn stains, you should go to a certified jewelry specialist.
      1. Is it safe to wear jewelry in the shower or pool?
      • No, it is advisable not to wet the jewelry, as water can damage the metals and decorations. Additionally, some jewelry items may fade or discolor upon contact with water.
      1. Can I store my costume jewelry together with other pieces of jewelry?
      • No, it is advisable not to store jewelry together with other pieces of fine jewelry, as jewelry can damage them.
      1. Should I have my jewelry professionally cleaned regularly?
      • It is not necessary to do professional cleanings on a regular basis, but if you feel that your pieces need a deeper cleaning, it is advisable to go to a certified jewelry specialist.

      With these tips on jewelry care and maintenance, your pieces will surely stay in good condition for a long time. Make sure you clean and store them properly. Following these recommendations will prevent damage and prolong the life of your jewelry collection.

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